Logistics and Distribution

GKSD ProCure aims to support individual structures through a 360° logistics service through the creation of its own autonomous and independent logistics hub that takes charge of all storage activities within the client structures. This is further aided through a system of last mile couriers capable of optimising product delivery.


  • Dynamic inventory management and rationalisation
  • Improved service levels
  • Just-in-time (JIT) inventory rotation monitoring
  • Reduction of waste / inefficiencies (expired, stocks)
  • Reduction of fixed assets
  • End-to-end flow traceability
  • Freed-up / reusable space


  • Taking charge of the overall management of the warehouse in structures
  • Digitisation of core processes, lot and expiration traceability
  • Automation of the pick and pack and material handling process
  • Management through Artificial Intelligence of integrations with local ERPs
  • WMS (Warehouse Management Services) and TMS (Transportation Management Services) systems for the optimisation of core processes in an end-to-end logic
  • On demand management of all value-added activities (e.g. re-labelling, RFID tags)
  • On demand management of the unique coding of products