Order Management Platform

The e-Marketplace represents the digital touchpoint that GKSD ProCure has made available to healthcare professionals in order to guarantee simplification, continuity, and autonomy in the purchase of goods and services. This platform is integrated directly into the facility's management system and guarantees a simplified user experience with real-time updates on stocks, orders and replenishments.


  • Digitised management of departmental purchase requests
  • Customised profiles for each user
  • Spending limits that can be set by user/department or cost centre
  • Digitised approval workflows
  • Stock immediately visible
  • Simplified and intuitive User Experience
  • Real-time reporting


  • Simplification of the order process
  • Profiles segmented by cost centres
  • Uniformity of experience for all structures
  • Viewing catalogues with customer friendly interface
  • Immediate tracking of orders
  • Integration with logistic and administrative flows