Procurement Services

Hospital procurement today finds itself managing a very complex market dynamic; for example, price trends, product availability, growing need for technological renewal etc. and often within organisational and managerial contexts that already have difficulty in ensuring operational efficiency, compliance and digitalisation. GKSD ProCure is able to support the purchasing functions in all the transformation processes through the contribution of specific professional skills, highly customised technological solutions and the outsourcing management of entire processes.


  • Digital Procurement Design & Deployment
  • Procurement Consulting
  • Change Management, Coaching & training
  • Business Procurement Outsourcing
  • Category Management
  • Sourcing Tactics
  • Tender Management
  • Contract Management
  • Vendor Management


  • Immediate access to a network of qualified suppliers according to the best standards of quality and financial reliability
  • Spending rationalisation and optimised risk management
  • Improved purchasing planning and management
  • Resolution of staff capacity and upskilling issues
  • Allocative efficiency of resources
  • Optimisation of available product and service catalogues